varya yakovleva

is interested in materiality, heritage environments, craft and making.

Based in London, Varya attended the Architectural Association.

BA (Hons) Architecture 2022.

Built with


    The project aims to reinvent a data center into a programme that is socially sustainable and dismiss the idea of the "cloud" as something inconsequential and invisible. By drawing water from the Grand Union Canal, the generated energy of the servers is used to create a weather system building with differing light, temperature and humidity conditions creating a public bathing facility for the residents of Old Oak Common and the users of London’s waterways. The auxiliary programmes; data management and flexible offices exist to maintain the data storage and cater further to the users of the building. A vertical stack is necessary to create the chimney effect of hot air rising The ground condition of the building aims to regenerate a post-industrial area and tries to address the future of Old Oak Common as a single-use residential development.

  2. The site is a gap in the London heat map, the excess server energy is also used for district heating.

  3. The development of canal and rail networks for coal shipping occurred during the 2nd Industrial revolution, creating isolated industrial sites in London. Old Oak Common, an area of thoroughfare, is enclosed by dense transport infrastructures. The proposal aims to embrace the age of data building on the industrial heritage and regenerate OOC.

  4. Bathing spaces become hotter and denser towards the top. Hot data blocks transition into colder data blocks and offices, thus creating the chimney effect in the heat tube.